Highest inflation in 40 years.

Highest gas prices in history.

Major stock market corrections predicted.

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Scott Schuett has been educating retirees throughout Hampton Roads and Richmond for years.  By creating Secure Money Radio, Scott is able to reach a wider audience.  The monthly show covers topics such as Social Security maximization, tax-saving strategies, life-time income strategies, long-term care options and much more.  Scott takes live calls on the air and answers listener's questions.  It has become a go-to source for those nearing or recently in retirement.  Join in the conversation!

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From 2003 to 2012, Scott was the largest independent owner of assisted living facilities in Hampton Roads, Virginia.  In late 2012, that all changed.  What was once a thriving business, was left bankrupt due to pressures from governmental authorities.  Scott understands what it's like to have something and then, for reasons mainly out of your control, to lose it.  It's devastating.  Scott turned his test, into his testimony.  Since 2014, Scott has made it a mission to help those nearing retirement to protect what they've worked so hard to save.  In retirement, we want safety, security and guarantees.  What we really want is peace of mind.  Scott's strategies produce that result.  Find out what it's like to have a true financial partner on your side.

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Secure Money Radio provides a resource for those nearing retirement.  We believe that important topics such as Social Security maximization, tax minimization, lifetime income options and long-term care, are topics that are often overlooked by traditional advisors.  Secure Money Radio was created to provide education on these important topics and more

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Reach out to Cameron Wealth Group to continue the conversation.  We will take the topics discussed on the show and turn them into a comprehensive retirement plan.  All at no cost to our clients.  Cameron Wealth Group strives to improve the lives of retirees, one client at a time.

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